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Man Caught With Friend’s New Wife

Cape Town – A 35-year-old man identified only as Saziso was arrested after he was caught having sx with his childhood friend’s wife in Nyanga.

The husband of the newly married lady, Yonela Ndlovu, 28, had returned home at about 9pm on the fateful day only to be greeted by the sight of his friend in bed with his wife.
Sthabiso disclosed that his wife tried to prevent him from entering the room, but he forced his way into the room only to meet the shock of his life.

He said: “I hit him on the face and shouted for help; but he ran away leaving his shoes before help came. The following morning, I traced him to a bus stop at Nyaga Station, where he was trying to board a vehicle.

“I asked him to follow me to my house to take his shoes, but he refused. We started wrestling until officials of the road transport union separated us and took us to the Police Station.

“After obtaining our statements, the police at Metro referred us to the hospital, where doctors confirmed that though he had affair with my wife, he did not infect her with any sxual disease.”

The suspect who blamed the devil for pushing him said: “I did not know the woman before they married recently. It was actually a mistake, which will never repeat itself. I regret doing what I did. It was the devil that pushed me into it.”