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FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH: KZN Looters Reveal Themselves And Are Threatening Government (SEE VIDEO)

As civil unrest continues, thousands of looters continue to loot what has been left from the shops that have not yet been looted. Just a few days ago, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the army will be deployed to help the police control the crowd that has been looting but this has not scared them away.

Many looters maintain that they are not only looting and burning shops because they are hungry but this is due to Jacob Zuma’s arrest and they want him to be released from prison. Until he is released, they say that they will continue to steal from businesses across the country.

Some looters are being transported in hijacked trucks from KwaZulu-Natal to come to loot and vandalize infrastructure in Gauteng and other provinces where communities refuse to loot. In essence, there are also hired looters from KZN to other provinces.

In a video that has been shared on many platforms on social media, looters told a SABC reporter that they are not yet done as what has been happening is nothing compared to what is in store for the government.

They say that unless Ramaphosa steps down as president of the Republic, they will continue to loot. In an angry tone, they add that the government withdrew the R350 special grant and gave it to the president and that they haven’t forgotten that the government keeps taking care of itself and not the masses.

The masses on the other hand are laughing at the looters and say that he said that Ramaphosa should be released from jail instead of Jacob Zuma, turning the whole interview into a joke.

Whether the instigators are hired or locals are not the igniters of the lootings, the point is that the nation is beginning to realize who the real planners are and who are the real destroyers of this beautiful country. Shortly and it is already happening, most of the nation is turning against them.

In my opinion, this could be an organized crime taking advantage of the situation. Zuma’s arrest and joblessness are just a smokescreen.

On the other hand, if criminals are being transported to malls to do their evil work, how can the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) not find out who is behind it? What are these traditional leaders being paid for as well?

The story on the ground is that Zulus are the driving force behind this protest action but I have my doubts that it’s cut and dried. Community leadership continues to outshine the NIA.