Home Entertainment Gail Mabalane Dragged For Not ‘Behaving’ Like A Pastor’s Wife

Gail Mabalane Dragged For Not ‘Behaving’ Like A Pastor’s Wife

It is true that when one is a member of a church, one should dress accordingly and not advertise their body to the world. However, some people do not really care about what others say about them and that is the least of their worries.

A pastor’s wife, for example, does not only represent the pastor in public. Whether they went to Dubai or any place around the corner for a ‘baecation‘, they are expected to wear long clothes when they go swimming, anything to cover up.

Gail Mabalane, Kabelo Mabalane’s wife, is also not the public’s favourite due to her dress style. She is a pastor’s wife, but most people feel that she shows of her body way too much and does not respect herself, her husband and even the church.

Critics are on her case for always showing off her well proportioned body. However, there are people who are defending her and they feel that she should be left alone, because it is written nowhere how a pastor’s wife should dress.

Some say that she is not a pastor but her husband is, and he knew very well what he was getting himself into. At least she has supporters who feel that she should go ahead and show off her body, that her husband made no mistake when he chose her. You go Gail!

Her husband is a musician- turned pastor and in February 2020, they celebrated their 7th year anniversary. There is something authentic about their union, and they hardly have any scandals. This proves just how much Kabelo adiores his wife, regardless of what others think!