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Gangs Of Uzalo…Meet Nkunzi’s Boss And Godfathers Of KwaMashu

t’s not Gangs Of New York, it’s Gangs of Uzalo/Gangs Of KwaMashu y’all.

Uzalo is set to revamp things by going back to the trenches and bringing up new and original story lines.

Season 6 will end with a bang, you guys!

Several characters have been announced to be joining Uzalo.

Some we’ve already seen, some are on their way.

We’ve already seen Belinda Mncube, played by Nina Mkhize who is MaNgcobo’s sharp shooting, childhood friend.

Well also be seeing Sboniso, played by singer Zulu Boy, back on the screen, back to his pimping ways.

Sboniso’s brother, the criminal minded and smooth talking Amos will also be coming back.

Previously, Amos was played by Ernest Msibi, in his return he will be played by veteran actor Bongani Madondo although Sunday World reported that Ernest Msibi will be back at some point to reprise the role of Amos.

At the heart of the story are The Godfathers of Kwamashu, Umbutho.

Umbutho run the streets of KwaMashu, and the crux of the gang is in their criminal activities which include the business of car jacking.

Umbutho are ruthless and callous, there’s no fronting with them.

The gang consists of 5 senior members who consolidated the KwaMashu region and then subdivided it amongst themselves.

So they are basically the rulers.

Their boss is Mageba, who is played by Mike Mvelase, who was pictured on set last week.

So Nkunzi is not the top dog, but he’s Mageba’s second

The other members are, in their hierarchy:

– Sobhuza played by Siyabonga Nene (also known as Big Zulu),

– Mandleni played by Thokozane Sithole and,

– Kotini played by Herald Khumalo

KwaMashu is definitely about to get crowded and this won’t end well.

Nkunzi better start watching his six, cant have two bosses on the same turf.