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#Generations: It’s goodbye Jack Mabaso as he takes his final bow

Jack Mabaso (Vusi Kunene) has been with Generations since the early ’90s in its previous incarnation that ran from 1994 until the actor revolt in 2004.

He’s cemented himself as one of the most feared but loved villains on the smallscreen, whether it’s his dealing with crazy Russians, or dodgy drug pushers or women – he’s become an iconic figure in the local television scene.

Even Vusi admits that he’s grown to adore his character over the years. Having always wanted to play “the bad guy”, Vusi was elated when he was cast 26 years ago.

“I’m attached to Jack because that was my first soap opera role. People have never forgotten Jack and he has stayed with me for so long.”

But now it’s time to leave the legendary glove at the door and wave his fans goodbye as the great Mr Mabaso takes his final bow on Wednesday 12 May – and we’re told that this time, he’s leaving the soapie for good and there won’t be a resurrection for his character who died originally, only to return from the grave in 2015.

Jack certainly had his moments – both good and bad – that left viewers yearning for more.

It was made clear from the start that no one doublecrosses the man who would one day literally cheat death.

He is manipulative, utterly charming, searingly ruthless and we love him. Fans loved him so much that his infamous black leather glove gained its own Twitter following with the hashtag #JacksGlove!