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Generations Kabisi Is Related To Rhythm City’s Fats In Real Life

Rhythm City’s Fats and Generations The Legacy’s Kabisi Moroka are related. Fats’s real name is Mpho Molepo while Kabisi’s real name is Mpho J Molepo.

Fats was born and raised in Diepkloof and are the son of veteran actor and director; Arthur Molepo who plays the role of Captain Malebana on Skeem Saam. Mpho Molepo revealed that Arthur Molepo doesn’t want to be associated with mediocrity, and he’s a hard worker.

“He is a meticulous person who doesn’t want to be associated with mediocrity, so when I am working with him, I have to bring my A-game”

When asked about his relationship with Kabisi, Fats revealed in an interview: “All Molepos are related, I first met Kabisi in 1994 in the industry”. He also said that his father Arthur Molepo knew about Mpho J Molepo way before he did.

The two Molepo’s also struggle with weight issues and may be cousins in real life. Kabisi is 6 years older than Fats despite Fats being the most popular of the two.

Fats previously uploaded a picture of himself and Kabisi on his Instagram account with the caption: “Same name, same dress code. We are just being ourselves. Mpho Molepo”

Mpho Molepo who plays Fats on Rhythm City is Suffocate Ndlovu’s right-hand man and Killo Watt manager. Fats played the first Charles Kunutu before Masilo Magoro joined Skeem Saam to take over his current role of Charles Kunutu.

Fats is one of the most loved and celebrated cast members on Rhythm City since the first episode in 2007.

Mpho J Molepo who plays Kabisi Moroka on Generations The Legacy replaced Molefe Moroka as the guardian of the Moroka family. Molefe Moroka also replaced Tebogo Moroka played by the late Joe Mafela. Kabisi is the husband to Latoya Makhene’s character; Tshidi Mogale-Moroka who’s greedy, controlling, and family-oriented.

– IHarare