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Get Rid of Bad Luck in Your Life and Acquire Success Using Egg and Salt

Truth is we all want good things in life, and most will do anything in their power to achieve this, but we always encounter what we call bad luck.
But what if there is away to remove those bad lucks? That most people don’t know about, which would cost you lesser than you would think – egg and salt.
Egg purging is a compelling custom that disposes off negative energy from the body and your surroundings, at whatever point you feel like there are bad energies surrounding your life.
It’s extraordinary wizardry technique to wash away negative energies, clean your mind, your body and soul, to open all entryways of successes rapidly fast.
The egg and salt is thought to ingest stubborn bad luck in your life and compartments that takes on your life’s success. Eggs and salt when used as a perfect vacuum, will eliminate whatever isn’t important or essential to you.
• 1 Egg
• 1 White Candle
• 1 Glass of Water
• Salt
And to perform the egg-salt purify this is what you will do:
1. Light the candle and leave it, until it runs out (Remember to attend the burning candle, never leave it unattended that is very dangerous)
2. Run the egg everywhere on your body from head to toe, while imagining all of the bad lucks being consumed into the egg. Then break the egg into the water and prepare to see the outcomes.
3. When you have broke the egg to water, you then add salt to the blend and be ready to see what will happen to the mixture.
Here is what could happen and it meanings:
* If the water smells horrible or you can see blood, this is a sign that it’s working best for you and bad lucks are getting rid off.
* If there are little spots of blood in the water, this is an indication of misfortune and harm brought to you through witchcraft, particularly if the water is shady.
* If water gets shady without smell or blood, this means the loss of will/spirit/energy to do anything productive in your life.
* If egg york, turns into what looks like a face of a man this indicate adversary (conflicts or dispute)
* If the water is clear, without any shapes forming, smells and blood, this means that nothing unnatural is happening in your life. You just need to put more effort on what you do and you will be just fine.
If you find any of the above results, then you will need to work hard in correcting the predictions shown in the water and see your dreams coming true into life.