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“Ginimbi Died Because Of His Wicked Life ” Neighbors

Ladies and gentleman i would like to assure you that, we might see this on a different perspective but the people who truly knew Genius are his neighbors and family. So with what we have managed to gather some of his neighbors told us today on what they had witnessed and seen about the so called business tycoon.

So one of our reporters managed to get all the information for us and we are not going to review their names and pictures for security reasons. Genius had an unexpected bloom of cash which was later converted it into a so called gas company which no one who ever saw him working on it.If it was a legitimate business, why did not we ever saw him in business forums and well known seminars.

Do not be fooled he made rituals to get all that money,how can you make so much from your company yet you don`t even get to open a branch to support your local family not friends. He used his brother, to make those blooming people admired day and night. The guy was living in a mansion yet his own father was living in a shark without electricity.

I won`t be criticized because, i clearly know what i`m talking about.The guy was simply wicked all those who lived around him can tell you the most about him. Did you ever asked yourself why he never got married officially and have a child. He probably knew he was going to die,but maybe he did not know how he was going to die. A proper businessman will have so much time to be sponsoring n_ked woman to dance live on Instagram. Let us just think straight the guy never helped people, not even during this pandemic because it was bloody money so to speak.