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Ginimbi’s Will Revealed: He wants his designer clothes burnt after burial

Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s Will Contents Revealed: He wants his designer clothes burnt after burial

In a shocking turn of events, The contents of deceased Zimbabwean millionaire Genius Ginimbi Kadungure’s will have been revealed. He died in a car accident on Sunday morning after celebrating another socialite Moana’s birthday at his Dreams night club.

Four occupants of the car died on the spot after his Rolls Royce Wraith collided with a Honda Jazz, popularly known in Zimbabwe as the Honda Fit.

According to the Honda Fit driver, Ginimbi was attempting to overtake two vehicles when his Wraith collided head-on with his car before hitting a tree along the Domboshava road. Ginimbi was pulled out of the car after the accident but died a few minutes after from injuries.

Trapped by seat belts, the remaining three occupants died when the car exploded into flames.

While he is set to be buried inside the yard of his Domboshava mansion tomorrow, as he instructed six of his close relatives and friends, including a senior maid, his fans have been speculating about how his wealth will be distributed.

It has now emerged that he instructed to have his clothes burnt after his burial, according to information obtained from his close friends and relatives.

News publication The News Hawks revealed that his close relatives were told to burn his clothes, sell his cars and donate the proceeds to the charity while he also wants his Domboshava mansion to be turned into a hotel.

His father also told the publication that Ginimbi died before his will was supposed to be signed on the 9th of November.

“Hhe had drafted some kind of a Will which he and his lawyers were to sign on Monday (9 November) but unfortunately, he died a day before,” his father Anderson Kadungure said.

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