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God bless her hustle (Struggling of black woman)

South Africa is having a highly number of unemployed woman compared to other country’s, but most of the woman in South African are trying alot of way that can make them survive with their children.

The only way that is making them survive is to sell different product’s however most of them prefer to sell things like faty cookies, chips and pap and meat on their market at the end of the day the will be earning something that can help on the daily basis.

South Africa is containing alot of single woman and most of them are having alot of children’s, this make it harder form them to survive without sos of income but there lucky because most of them there getting child grant but even it is a small amount it can help there and there.

Most of woman already build a bright future by selling different things on their market daily, this real show that you can survive and make alot of money even if your not working, a strong african woman think on how to survive in her everyday’s life.