God Bless parents who often sacrifice for their children

    A picture that has been making rounds on twitter, caused a spark, after people spotted something strange in this picture. This image has been shared by KE SHARP on his twitter account, in order for people to see what other parents are capable of doing. A rare type of image to ever come across.

    Almost everyone comprehends the love that parents have for their children. There is nothing compared to motherly love, and people acknowledge this. Mothers would do everything, to make certain that their children are in good conditions and they have nothing to complain about. This is what responsible parents do and they should be appreciated while they are alive.

    Although a lot is questionable here, not everyone is cheerful about what has happened. This picture was taken without the permission of this mother and a child. Their right to privacy has been violated and people are not all delighted with this. It is imperative that people respect and value the rights of others. What has happened is strictly out of the law, and needs to be rectified urgently.

    It can be easily observable that this picture was taken in a public transport, especially a train. It has been making headlines, after seeing the immense sacrifices that parents take, to ensure that their children are wearing good quality and comfortable clothes. This is astonishing and people classify this parent as a hero to this child.

    Taking a close look at this picture, it is easy for people to identify something strange or wrong in this picture. The shoe of this mother looks old and torn. It does not matter that much to her, to have a good looking and expensive shoe, while her baby has nothing to wear. She sacrificed to see her baby wearing new shoes, while her shoe is torn and inappropriate. This is amazing.

    We all need this type of parents. It takes determination and responsibility as a parent to look after your child, regardless of the circumstances. Some parents are single parents and they continue to look after their children and make sure that they have everything they desire. Such women need to be appreciated and recognized by many.