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#GOMORA: Gladys Burns Langa Alive

To say that Gladys is out of control would be an understatement. At this rate, she will end up in Jail. Ever since a spiritual healer approached her and informed her that her brother Mohato is no more and she would need to go fetch her spirit – Ntokozo’s mother has been desperate for closure.

Ntokozo did eventually confess the truth and admitted that his uncle is no more. He told his parents that he was killed by Mam Sonto and his body was buried around Gomora. Trying to help his mom find justice for his brother, they attempted to dig out his bodied but found nothing at the site. This has left Gladys distraught as the little bit of light she had of finding out about her brother’s whereabouts is now gone.

In Friday evening’s episode, Langa attempted to make peace and invited the Dlaminis over to the tavern for a family dinner – they politely declined as they are not in a good space. The dinner did go on at the Molefes and It went well. Gladys, however, snuck into the tavern and waited for everything to finish what they were doing (that’s what she thought) and then pour gas and burn Mam Sonto’s tavern to avenge her brother’s death. What she did not know was that her stepson, Langa, was still inside cleaning up. The episode ended with her setting the place ablaze with Langa inside. We don’t know if he will make it out alive or not – we’re waiting for Monday’s episode to get confirmation.

Gladys is played by renowned South African actress Thembi Seete. The beauty recently graced the June/July magazine cover of OM Magazine to celebrate 25 years in the entertainment industry. “25 Years ago I embarked on a new journey. A journey where that brought me to where I am today and where I am going still,” said Thembi while announcing the exciting news.

She also thanked Zwabheka and Bomb Productions for giving her a shot at acting in the late 90s. This was followed by her debut solo album. “I remember Zwabheka and Bomb_Productions giving a little ol me a chance to shine again with a role on Yizo and later releasing my first solo album Lollipop. I celebrate this journey every day of my life but this it’s just extra special because that baby turns 25!” She added.

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