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Gomora Mam’Sonto’s Prayer To Kill Her Daughter Thati’s Makes Waves

Veteran actress, Connie Chiume is a force to be reckoned.

Despite her famous, benevolent role, as Mam’Kete on eTV’s Rhythm City, Connie Chiume can put on the wicked suit very well.

She once played the heartless Mam’Stella on Zone 14, so it was no surprise when she took on the role of the thuggish, tavern owner Mam’Sonto on Gomora.

Mam’Sonto is a Bible thumping, prayer warrior, tavern owner by day and a shady and ruthless crime boss, who is into the car jacking business by night.

Mam’Sonto’s skeletons might tumble out of the closet very soon, as detective Mahlasela is onto her after he found new evidence which links her to Thati’s husband, Mbongeni’s murder.

Connie Chiume and Katlego Danke On Gomora Thathi who happens to be Mam’Sonto’a daughter, is working with detective Mahlasela to nail her mother and Mam’Sonto knows the clock is ticking before she’s arrested.

One of Connie Chiume’s highlights on Gomora is how perfectly she executes Mam’Sonto prayers before going on a crime spree.

Recently Sonto had to ask the Lord for guidance on whether she should kill her daughter Thathi or not before they nail her for Mbongeni’s murder.

Fans were impressed with Sonto’s prayer that they took to Twitter to heap praises on her.

“Mam’ Sonto’s prayer made me touch my TV screen…too much! 😥😥 #GomoraMzansi”

“Don’t tell me Mam Sonto is considering killing her own child? #GomoraMzanzi”

“The liver to make that kind of prayer. Only Mam’sonto can do that.#Gomora #gomoramzansi”

“Lol yooh Mam’Sonto’s Prayer, Hayi this woman is Ghetto.”

Connie Chiume has certainly aged like fine wine and her talent proves she deserves the accolades she has.

– IHarare