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#Gomora: Ntokozo Spills The Beans. Viewers Not Happy With Melusi’s Reaction

Ntokozo spilled the hot boiling tea. The pain in Melusi’s eyes and this does happen in real life. Some women do take such selfish decisions. Stop lying about your babies Paternity. But the way Melusi is touched is like he is not the one who cheated on Gladys… or am I missing something

Thati and Gladys are clearly cut from the same cloth! How on earth do you keep a son from his Father? And Gladys? Blackmailing Thati with that information? You watch your son bonding with his father every day and not even your guilty conscience could make you confess? And You Gladys?

If you dont know mamSonto you’d swear she’s a saint, Satan that one. Nomsa can pretend for a Praying woman shame, she brilliantly acted as if she doesn’t know anything. There’s nothing greater than a mothers pain and tears.

The way Ntokozo is spilling the beans and acting up all holy, he seems to forget that one can write a book with his Secrets. Poor Langa he doesn’t deserve this negative energy from all the hard work he did.

MaNomsa finally knows about Dumisane’s Street name and reveal to MamSonto that she heard that she knew him. MamSonto admits to knowing Jomo further stating that Jomo was her regular customer at the tarven.

Pretty irks MaSonto so much as she keeps being a loud mouth like Ntokozo revealing that Jomo had been to their house a couple of times. MaSonto gets defensive stating that she knew Jomo only as a customer from afar. She knew nothing about his personal life.

Nomsa better run because MaSonto is being suspicious of her knowing of what really happened to her son Jomo.