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#Gomora :”Oh Well He Is Better Off Dead, I Didn’t See His Purpose” – Fans Happy That Bra Mike Is Gone

“Oh well he is better off dead, I don’t see his purpose #Bra Mike” – Instance of being sadden that he had just passed away Gomora viewers are celebrating.

Gomora viewers are out here giving mad gratitude to Mam’Sonto after what seemed to be a huge favour for them.

It is no secret that most viewers found the character of Mike very boring and exhausting. Most of them felt as though the character or rather storyline was just forced and did not belong hence most of them felt as though it should go.

A lot of the viewers were taken by surprise after they saw Mam’Sonto shooting the person that she was suppose to get married to.

But after the two minutes shock most of them were jumping with jubilation because the person that they wanted to exit the telenovela had finally left.

But what most of these viewers seem to be forgetting is that it has not yet being confirmed that he is dead.

Like many other instance this could just be a plot twist to what is to come next.