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Good And Bad News For All South African Teachers

Most people prefer to be told bad news first and good news afterwards so that it does not end in tears, the following news are directed to all employed and unemployed educators in South Africa.

Here is the bad news, the ongoing coronavirus has taken lives of 1,493 teachers in South Africa alone. The numbers may still continue to rise as the vaccine has not been distributed yet.

More teachers are expected to resign or retire from work when the 2021 academic year begins as older teachers fear they might contract this virus at work or on their way to work and die from it.

The good news is that more unemployed qualified teachers stand a good chance of being employed as learners will need teachers when the teaching and learning commences. The sad part about this is that it comes at the expense of other teachers lives.

Once the vaccine is distributed we can only hope that it really works, we can not afford to lose more loved ones.