Home News Good news for all unemployed people living in South Africa

Good news for all unemployed people living in South Africa

Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the are 600,000 jobs created for unemployed people and the youth of South Africa. Since this pandemic unemployed rate has increased rapidly. This is caused because most companies are not allowed to operate during this pandemic so they are forced to retrench some of their workers.

And the other issue that caused high rate of unemployment is because the is a certain number of people allowed at work place so employers so that the was no need to hire many employees so they decided to fire some of their workers.

Most of the jobs that are secured among the 600,000 are of teaching and social worker assistants. The sad news is that the jobs are not permanent. Most South African citizens are unemployed over 11 million people who are living in South Africa are unemployed. Some South Africans complains that their jobs are being taken by foreign nationals because the agree less salary.

Most people are not working and it is difficult for them to feed their children. They rely on SASSA grant and the grant is not enough. Some people each and every day are sleeping on an empty stomachs. They don’t even have proper shelter.