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Good news for South African drivers

The pandemic affected most things when it hit South Africa. There are many things that people were not able to do when the first lockdown was introduced. Lockdown was first introduced in March 2020 here in South Africa.

From this period, people started losing their jobs, and some started losing their loved ones. People’s lives changed in so many ways, and there were so many adjustments that had to be made. This also meant that some departments were not open during the period, and some would close earlier than usual.

This includes the Traffic department, operating hours were now different. The Minister of Transport always updates drivers on the extension of driver’s licences. He has now informed the public that learners licences, driving licences cards, temporary driving licences, and driving permits that expired between 26 March 2020 until December 2020, have been given an extension grace period which ends on 31 August 2021.