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GOOD NEWS: Here is how much Sassa beneficiaries will be getting for December payments

Many Sassa srd recipients have been stressing over their payments for the past few weeks. You will be glad to know that there is no need to be stressing since all the applications have been processed and payment dates were updated.

The Sassa agency had previously promised all the beneficiaries with outstanding payments that they would get their payments I’m full. If a beneficiary has three months outstanding payments it means that that individual will be getting R1050 on their payment date. So if there is a month where you didn’t get your srd payment, worry less because that pawbt will be combined with the current one which means your payment could be doubled or tripled, depending on how many months is Sassa owing you.

Many srd repients have been relying on that money for months now as many unemployed people are really vulnerable during this pandemic and they aren’t able to even hustle for themselves so they can put food on the table. This year has been a terrible year all over the world, as many of the countries’s economy were badly affected by the coronavirus and many things to keep the economies gunning were put on hold.

Since the econy haven’t been doing well since the lockdown started many people lost their jobs which resulted in the unemployment rate rapidly going up and more people relying on the srd grant.

Even though the srd grant is not enough to make a living out of, beneficiaries are able to cover some of their basic needs.

– Opera News