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Good News Social Grant To be Increase to R1 910 See More Details Here

Minister of Finance Toto Mboweni were giving updates on budget speech. Well you will be happy to learn that social grant has also been increased. While other people believe that it was a poor budget.

Every year Finance minister read budget speech where he updated or reduce budget. It not much but if you know your a mother and not working it should be enough because its a free money which you did not work hard for.

Social grant increases, effective from 01 April 2021:

•Old Age, Disability and Care Dependency Grant increases to R1 890

•War Veterans Grant increases to R1 910 •Child Support Grant increases to R460 •Foster Child Grant increases to R1 050

Well if you know you are social grant beneficiary you will be happy about this figures. The increase will start to peak in April 2021. You are advised to spend money wisely. Remember to keep distance when you in queue to collect money.