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Gospel artist Dr Tumi offered ‘big money’ to join the Illuminati

Gospel sensation Dr Tumi recently claimed that he rejected an invitation to join a secret society called the illuminati.

Taking to his Facebook page the artist told his fans about this incident moments after it happened. He says he was promised things that would bring him great fortune and fame.

“So early today they tried to recruit me to join an Illuminati society. Got told I have been noticed and would be of value. Got promised $1mil (R13 million) a month and great fame and influence across the globe,” he shared.

The Illuminati is said to be a powerful and savagely guarded organisation that secretly controls the entire modern world. Alternately, it is one of the world’s most persistent conspiracy theories, according to The Guardian.

Artists such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and Rihanna are some of the artists accused of being a part of this society, owing to their fame and fortune.

While many might have taken the offer without blinking since this society is allegedly associated with successful people, the No Other God singer was not dazzled.

“But we are not the type you can buy with money. won’t leave Jesus for fame or fortunes. I am Already bought with the highest price when Christ gave his life for me. And it is God who will cause my name to be great. Not a society. Interesting days,” he wrote.

Move! tried a number of times to get in contact with Dr Tumi through his public relations manager Sizakele Maitja for comment but could not be reached at the time of publishing.

Source: Channel24