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Gospel Singer Dumi Mkokstad: I was on the verge of committing suicide

Gospel singer Dumi Mkokstad has cleared the air about a suicide tweet that rubbed tweeps the wrong way.

He said he also battled depression and was not in any position to judge. In a now-deleted tweet, Dumi wrote: “Suicide isn’t the solution. Christ is.”

Taking to Twitter, he opened up in posts and set the record straight about his “misunderstood tweet.”

“Because I have been through depression I wrote tweets yesterday with the #RIKYRICK_I_UNDERSTAND because I have been there and was on the verge of committing suicide myself. Therefore I can never judge anyone who ends up taking their lives because I know exactly what they’re facing,” he tweeted.

“Maybe let’s start here. I have been through depression myself and would never not understand anyone’s reaction to it. People deal with situations differently and I will never judge anyone who may go through that.”

The Mbize hitmaker explained he was simply sharing what had helped him when he was battling depression.

“It would be extremely stupid and insensitive of me to criticise those who have passed on. I am simply sharing with those who may be going through depression that Christ helped me. I believe he can help you.”

Riky Rick, real name Rikhado Makhado, died last week Wednesday at the age of 34.

His passing has sparked a conversation about mental health among celebville and Mzansi, with some opening up about their mental health.

Reacting to the tragic news, Minnie Dlamini took to her Twitter timeline with a cryptic tweet that had her fans sending well wishes.

“I won’t tell a word of a lie. I am broken! Today’s news could’ve easily been me.”

Riky Rick’s funeral will take place at a private ceremony in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

The rapper’s family announced they’ve planned an intimate gathering for his send-off which will be live streamed.

A memorial service for the hitmaker will follow on March 4.