Home Entertainment Guess who will win the tender in #SkeemSaam?

Guess who will win the tender in #SkeemSaam?

Melita was sure that she was going to win a tender after Alfred Magongwe and katlego Peterson failed to submit ,but things didn’t work for her because turf university decided to change close date of submission, Melita can’t hold herself because she is afraid that Alfred Magongwe nor katlego Peterson might win the tender.

Melita want to frame turf university because she thinks that Alfred Magongwe is working with John Maputla because they extended submission because they realize that Magongwe didn’t submit his application form,it is obvious that turf university they don’t appreciate Melitas work because if she was a right person for the work they wouldn’t extend submission date ,

Melita must admit that her time is up and stop harassing people unnecessary, she have to find another job if she was depending on that tender, because if she focuses on that tender too much she might get disappointed.

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