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Happy birthday to Bonang Matheba as she turns 34

She has so many titles that she’s been given over the years, but Bonang Matheba is one media personality who always shows up and never disappoints her fans. Queen B is the title that resonates with many and she’s been said to have the same work ethic as Beyonce.

From the age of 15, she’s picked up a number of awards and now that she’s a business mogul, Bonang has had a lot of successes with her business ventures. With that, she’s also received recognition from prestigious organizations such as Forbes Africa.

Unfortunately for her, Bonang has also had her life dragged through social media a number of times. From her relationship with Euphonik to her time with AKA and the number of times she’s trended for the right and the wrong wrong reasons, there’s never a dull moment on these Twitter streets.

Despite everything that has happened in her life and as she rings in her 34th birthday here’s a look at the times Bonang showed us she’s not one to be messed with.

It’s not every day that anyone gets accused of being addicted to drugs, but Bonang did not see this coming. Whilst minding her own business as she usually does, Rea Gopane, a YouTuber who just entered the podcasting space, found himself in big trouble after saying some defamatory things about Queen B.

Rea even went on and claimed that Scoop Makhathini told him and his co-host this information, however, Scoop has steered clear away from that whole incident, but stated that he only talked about AKA.

Unfortunately, when Bonang contacted Rea, he ignored her, then an unexpected chain of events followed.

Mzansi tuned in every week to watch the Queen in action on her popular reality show Being Bonang which received raving reviews all the time. They got to see the real Bonang Matheba and a glimpse of her lavish lifestyle she gives fans a taste of on social media.

Sadly, Being Bonang ended three seasons later with Bonang declaring that the show was the worst experience of her life. Bonang Matheba’s fans were disappointed and curious as to why she would say that. They wanted to get to the root of the real reason for her not wanting to continue with the show.

Unfortunately, by and large, Bonang Matheba remained mum about the whole issue barring a few hints here and there. Even when her fans reminded her that she was greatly missed on TV her response is what shocked many.

No one knows the real reason why Bonang and Phil Mphela have been at loggerheads since 2012. The erstwhile friends have been beefing forever, but neither party wants to come out and end it.

It seems the two will not be friends anytime soon because they bumped heads over actress Busi Lurayi.

So what sparked all this?

After fervently denying that they were together, Bonang and AKA were photographed enjoying breakfast together in Cape Town – not long after the rapper and DJ Zinhle had called it quits.

AKA and Bonang later decided to go public about their relationship.

However, when we all thought all was going well, things got a bit shaky when AKA posted that he had found rocks tied in a plastic bag in his room. Then 2019 had us shook. Boom! AKA posted a picture of DJ Zinhle sitting on his lap on Instagram. The pair had decided to rekindle their love.

What happened to Bonang?

From the time Queen B solidified her name in the entertainment industry, she’s done nothing but secure bag after bag.

Bonang launched the House of BNG in March 2019 which was a huge success. Over the years, she’s seen her business grow and become one of the biggest alcohol brands in the

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