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He did her dirty – Lady Du exposes what really happened

Lady Du is breathing fire after finding out that her manager has been betraying her. She took to her social media platforms to put him on blast.

She revealed that her manager has been telling people that she is not available for bookings. Lady Du also claims that she does not get paid on time and the manager is also taking cash from promoters.

“I’m in hell guys I’ve been crying every day nje… I’m going through it I tell you, I curse the day I signed my management contract,” she wrote.

Pouring her heart out on Twitter, the Amapiano star said she has lost a lot of money. She tweeted, “I’m actually crying reading all the dms and screenshots you are sending me of how much money I lost sitting at home 😭😭😭 I’m sooooo sorry 💔💔💔 😭😭😭 all the days y’all wanted me, I was available ❤️❤️❤️ Yho guys. ”

Meanwhile, a few months ago, Lady Du penned a heartwarming message on her social media appreciating her manager for helping her with her music career.

Taking to Instagram in September last year, the singer said she would have quit music if it wasn’t for her manager.

She wrote, “If it wasn’t for this guy I’m telling you I would have left music completely!!! Thank you to my manager for helping me out sooo much. One of the sweetest human beings ever. Easy to work with and will go to hell and back for you ❤️❤️❤️ appreciation post. 🙏🙏🙏”

A few days ago Lady Du took to Instagram again to set the record straight. She made it clear that she has never been with anyone for their money. The musician said she has worked hard for everything that she has.

“Can we fix one thing!!!!! At 16 I already had my first car!!!! After school, I traveled the world working on a cruise ship, the pictures you see there are not of me standing in front of people’s cars those are all the cars I owned! No bank I bought fixed and sold some of them to raise capital, I choose to live a life that’s under the carpet because I don’t see why I need to post what I have.”

Lady Du who recently announced her break up, said she dates purely out of love also adding that her dad taught her to never put a price tag on love.

“I’m a musician I make music! My life has nothing to do with anyone!!! One thing I will not allow is for people to even think any of my stuff was built by someone else. I have built myself to be the woman I am today! With the help of my father! As soon as I turned 20 I moved out of home Got my own space!

“Life yes dribbled me a bit but I got back on my feet… Every single thing you see that’s out there is from my own pocket!!!! No financial support from no one!!!! That one right there I will never let people lie about!” she said.