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“He Must be Arrested”, See What Man Was Caught Doing to a Lady Inside a Saloon,

Looking beautiful and presentable before the general public, comes with a lot that nd price that you must have to pay, either by being a Lady or by being man. And there are a lot of processes that you must have to pass through as a Lady, before you can acquire the beauty and good looks that you need, or that you sort for as a South African Lady. One of this processes is that you must have to equip yourself with lots of money, and also seek for a good saloon or boutique where you can be beautified by some experts, who are trained in the field and areas if Fashion and Beauty. Don’t just enter into a Beauty Saloon to fix either your hair, nail, manicure or pedicure, without making proper investigation about the Saloon. Because you might end up in the wrong hands, and it will be to your own detriment.

Now in the other hands, the pain that most South African Ladies go through, in the hands of some Hairstylist is so unbearable and unimaginable. And the problem with some of this Hairstylist claiming to own a Saloon is that, they neither has little experience of the work, or that they don’t any experience at all about what Fashion and Beauty means. And that has led to the disheartening and disturbing Story, of what a Man was caught on Camera doing to a Lady, who came to have her nose pierced inside his Saloon.

I was strolling the internet just this Afternoon when I came across some disheartening, and pitiable pictures of what a Man was caught doing to a Lady inside his Hair Saloon. As it was seen through the uploaded pictures, where the unidentified Lady was shouting and screaming on top of her voices, because of the severe pain that she was going through, as at the time that the man pierced her nose wrongly. And this made me wonder why some people will claim to know how to do a job, that they never had training curse about it.

According to the information gathered by the source, the unidentified Lady entered a Beauty Salon that she saw on the street of South Africa, and decided to go and check it out, unknown to her that it will turn out to be bad. Her intentions was just to have her nose pierced by the Man. Thus the inexperienced Man used the wrong tools and mechanism to pierce her nose, and she was under great pain that she kept on screaming for almost an Hour.

“He Last had the intention of Patronizing the Man who is the owner of the saloon, but it later turns out to be in her own detriment”, The Source Said.

Furthermore, according to the source, the friends of the Lady has warned her to visit a good Saloon where they only specialize in Manicure and Pedicure, but she insisted that she will patronize the man. Unlucky for her, the man used a sharp needle to pierce her nose, and this injured her. Adding that he should be arrested and Punished for doing that.

So ladies be careful when next you want to visit a saloon to work on yourself. Is better you spend much money and get what you want, than spending less and regret later. And in my own Opinion, I will say that what this Ann did requires that he should be Arrested, because he claimed to be what he was not and putting the life of this Lady at risk.

What advise would you give to this Lady if happens to be your girlfriend or your sister?