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He Provoked Wrong people, Limpopo People Are in Anger After a Viral Video Of Malema Criticising them

As a result of the protests and devastation wrought by Zuma followers insisting that he be freed from jail, a few other provinces have chose not to participate in these actions. Acts of destruction of property, plundering, and civil disobedience It started in KwaZulu Natal and spread to Gauteng where too many supermarkets and buildings were invaded. On currently popular videos, individuals can be seen blazing retail outlets and trying to invade commercial banks.

As a result of the anarchy that was beginning to even get out of hand, President Ramaphosa declared that the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) would be ordained to impose collaboration and discipline to those who aspire to become leaders. He went on to say, “There is no excuse for illegal behavior, opportunists are taking advantage of the protests to commit their thefts.

According to the EFF’s chief in command, Julius Malema, the deployment of SANDF military personnel in the roads will be considered a declaration of war, as his rebel fighters will join the movement if the SANDF is stationed. See the tweet he posted below:

Numerous individuals were against him because the violent protests were having a negative effect on the economy. Some even called him a clown and an egoistic leader, as shown in the following comments from angry Twitter users:

In the wake of responses being provided online advising one another that those who damage property and plunder in Limpopo will be dealt with, mzanzi resurrected an old video of Julius Malema condemning the folks of Limpopo, which you can see below: Watch clip below:

During the clip, he can be quoted telling, “Venda’s are so worthless that no one even cares about them, Venda’s are cowards that they won’t even fight back.” Additionally, mzanzi noticed that the video mirrored the current state of affairs in Venda, where members of the tribe had declared their opposition to the protests, and the video spread on social media platforms, inciting a great deal of anger among the population of Limpopo in particular the Venda tribe.

The overwhelming majority of people were unaware that the clip was not linked to current events; rather, it was an old video in which Malema was simply quoting what Zulu people are saying about Venda’s or folks from Limpopo in general.