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What the heck has The Queen’s Harriet Mathapelo Khoza done?

Fans are concerned that The Queen’s Harriet Khoza, is letting her crown slip after she appeared to sell out Brutus and Shaka on Wednesday night’s episode of the hit reality show.

After getting bust in Durban and spending time in custody, Harriet returned to the Khoza home this week and told her family that Shaka and Brutus had taken a deal with the police and nearly sold the family out so they could go free.

She added that Brutus’ bae Dolly had visited him in prison and confirmed it to her.

When Mmabatho confronted her about the claims, saying that they only took the deal so that Harriet wouldn’t fall, she claimed the pair had hated her since her late husband Mzi died.

Even Jerry called Harriet out, telling her that those who supported her were the ones in prison, while she was free.

He said that she would now have to testify against them.

Ma was stressing harder than a Bafana Bafana supporter.

News spread and soon the Khozas were losing business and retrenching staff.

When Harriet went to visit Brutus, he told her that Shaka wanted her to v*etsek and he would have strangled her if there were no wardens around.

Harriet claimed she had done it to make sure the business survived and promised to “fix it” by getting the best lawyers. She said he should keep his head down for a few months until she could get him out.

But fans of the show were not convinced and flooded social media with memes and messages slamming Harriet and venting their frustration with the situation.

They even used her middle name to emphasis their shock.