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“He Should Be Arrested” Cries Mzansi After This Girl Appears On His Photos

A South African man is now wanted by Twitter users after controversial pictures surfaces on the internet. These pictures showed him in bed with what seemed to be a girl. The Twitter users cliam that the girl is undergaged as she looks very young according to her facial features. The two appear in a photo that seems very intimate and s_xually suggestive.

The picture came together with screenshots from Facebook, where people were crying out that the girl should stop whatever she has been doing with this old man. The girls replies were very shocking as she said that she will not let him go just because people think that she is too young to date the guy. The guy in the other hand looks old enough to be the girls father.

The picture is just of the two people relaxing on a bed. The issue comes from the way she responded to the questions that were asked about the two. Facebook users asked her what is going on and she instantly got worked up. She told people to kind their own business. This insinuated to the fact that the two could be a couple. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing.

The people then enquired about how old the girl could have been. Most just assumed her age. Apparently, she was reported to be 12 years of age in Facebook according to some Twitter user. The user said that her teachers confirmed her age on Facebook. This then shocked alot of people as the guy was too old to be in the position he was in with her.

Her Facebook profile claimed that she was 15. Some people also said she was already 19 years of age. This issue of age made other people extra angry as they could not fully understand what the whole story was. There was no proof that she was a minor or screenshots of the teachers claiming that she was 12 years old. The conversation just got more heated with people assuming there is nothing wrong with the picture.

Her Facebook name has been the one that was revealed as it was where the pictures where taken. The Twitter users in the country still believe that the picture looks wrong. Some said that even if she is above 16 years of age, the guy looks like he is really taking advantage of the poor naive girl. She on the other hand seems to be ok with it. Maybe she is of legal age

The legal age in South Africa for an adult to participate in anything sexual with a young woman is 16 years of age. This girl is still unknown as to what age she truly is.

What do you think about the matter? How old does he look and should the guy really be attested?