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“He stole billions with the Guptas, how come he can’t afford legal fees” Zuma receives cold shoulder

The Jacob Zuma Foundation has released a statement in which they are pleading with South Africans to spare some donations for his legal fees. It looks like dark days are really ahead for the former president. He needs a helping hand as his legal battle continues. But Mzansi is giving the convicted Former President a cold shoulder.

According to several South Africans, they refuse to be part of the donations as they were never part of Zuma’s “eating”. Some say Zuma stole billions with the Guptas, where did that money go? Isn’t it sad how the mighty has fallen! What is shocking is that Zuma is asking for money from the public when his son, Duduzane’s networth is every man’s dream. Why is Duduzane not taking care of his father’s legal bill? “The fact that Duduzane goes to Dubai anytime he wants and I never been in Dubai I can’t even afford to go on holiday here in Limpopo means I’m not a target market for this donation,” a Twitter user complained.

Zuma must take the looted funds and deposit them into the donations account in different tranches and say it’s ‘donations’ because we know he has the money, the only problem is that if he spends it Sars will raise eyebrows.

The plea for donations from his Foundation has touched some nerve from Zuma’s supporters. They are saying that the ANC has surely left him hung and dry! “This further exposes how CRUEL the ANC is! For 20 years Zuma has had to be dragged to courts, had to pay lawyers. He’s being dragged to court for a flimsy case; lawyers again have to be paid. At one point the malicious courts even threatened to take away his pension,” one of his supporters fumed.

Here’s how many people commented:

@Loozy Where is Mummar Gaddafi’s cash? I hope all people who become billionaires and millionaires under Jacob Zuma government will come to his rescue.

@LadyPhumz Sell your properties or ask for a state lawyer like everyone else. The nerve of asking for more money from the very people you stole from. Where’s your shame?

@Nghuluvhe There are unexplained payments flowing into Jacob Zuma’s bank accounts, it was revealed in court by his ex wife, the greedy patron can use that for legal fees.

Is this the end for Zuma? His problems seem to be mounting day by day. The man has tried numerous delay tactics to duck and dive jail time but it seems like he has now reached the dead end. The NPA wants him in court as his doctors are failing to prove that he is not fit to stand trial. On the other hand he is dry and penniless! What a sad ending of his high and mighty life!