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He takes the beer and drinks it, while she is dancing

Famous Gogo whom takes South Africa by reckoning force with her fascinating dance moves, with the current South Africa most loved genre at this moment. She was back at it again where she continues to entertain her supporters.

But when she is having that a Black label beer on her head dancing, a man was looking at her while she had just started entertaining her audience and everyone is already enjoying her dance move. They were waiting for more dancing moves.

Her performance is cut short while having that Black label on her head and that man saw an opportunity to take that beer from her and without wasting any precious time he consumes it right in front of everyone from the spot.

She is disappointed after that Black label is taken from her without any notice. She was going to bring more fascinating smooth entertainment and she could have been practicing this all along to keep her supporters more entertained.

Really South Africa is a different country and you can see by this video clip from Gogo, whom she is only trying to enjoy herself by dancing for her audience. But then someone sees an opportunity like this Man for himself.

She could make another video as she is being interrupted from this one and maybe she should make sure that she does get a place whereby someone or this man will not come back again and take that alcohol being placed on her head or simply to disturb her.