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“He wants 3 rounds every night and I can’t, I’m refunding his lobola money” cries 20 years old lady

Anathi Nomeva, a 20-year-old woman, was happy when Lobola was paid for her husband. She knew little that that was the start of her nightmares. Her husband is supposed to have become a poking monster that every night demands three romances. Due to long nights, she would wake exhausted and tired.

Nomeva is now tired with this marriage, because she cannot meet the demands of her husband. She stated she gives up marriage and will reimburse her husband for his lobby money. Nomeva’s husband paid her lobola R6000, and she has been able to raise half of it to date.

The pair were together for only 2 years and can’t go on. She stated he demanded more romance from her after her husband paid her lobola. Even when she’s not in the mood. She usually does it merely to please him, and she always feels pain.

Nomeva said she was abused by her spouse at her leased home. He believes she’s her slave. She complained to the elders of the family and moved out of their house since she could not comply with his demands. She also plans to acquire her husband’s protection order. Her fiance of 42 years, Mvuyisi Jembula, rejected these charges.