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Health Dept: Men over the age of 50 not coming out in numbers for COVID jab

The government is urging more who are 60 years and older to come forward for a covid COVID-19 vaccination.

Officials have set a target to administer a minimum of 290,000 vaccinations per day in the coming week.

Health Department Deputy-Director General, Nicholas Crisp said the target ultimately is to vaccinate more than 300,000 people daily.

“We are not managing to reach that many men, specifically over the age of 50, the men are not turning out in their numbers for vaccination. We would really like to encourage men to come forward for vaccination.”

Crisp said they were working on a programme that would see undocumented residents receiving a vaccine.

“To the record of that individual back to the individual in case something should go wrong or if you need a record of the vaccination and to account for the vaccines – and without some kind of identity that is obviously a challenge.”