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Heartbreaking as black mother is burned to death in Phoenix leaving a toddler behind

More sad stories are emerging after the Phoenix massacre and it is even more heartbreaking There are reports that a mother f a toddler was burned to death. The sad part is that the mother was only was passing by and was not even part of the protesters.

A video of a woman explaining what happened with the toddler has flooded the internet. Reports claim the mother was brutally murdered by Indians. What is bothering the black community is that the authorities are not mentioning the Phoenix massacre. Many black South Africans feel like the government protects other races more than they protect blacks.

Some people are proud that the Phoenix community took matters into their own hands as seen by the comments on Twitter. However, most feel the President should address this issue because the hate between the two races might turn into something brutal.

Here are some of the comments from the public:

“Mangosuthu Buthelezi: I am very proud of the Phoenix communities who have also decided taking the matter into their own hands.”

“The very sad thing is the government and all media put blackout on this sad issue.”

“We don’t have a President’

“Did Indians tell Zulus to attack businesses and homes ? Or was it Duduzuptas ?”

“Apparently, the court is using social media evidence to keep Ngizwe Mchunu behind bars! But videos of Indians torturing, shooting & burning black people in Phoenix are labeled as old by the same government!”

“You have decided to protect Indians, cool. This child will get justice nitjanda ningathandi, sizoziphimdiselela period. Sinazo nathi izibhamu. If fighting for tjis kid is instigating violence then ngibopheni zinja zamaracist”

“I’m so ready to own a gun bafwethu”

“Yoh i thought they were just kidding or posing a threat nje that is impossible when they said they will burn black people alive”