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Heavy K’s ex-girlfriend spills his dirty laundry

THE messy breakup between house DJ Heavy K and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Maleka has made it onto the social media streets.

This after Nicole spoke about their split and what led to it.

In a video that has been trending on social media, Nicole and her friend, Lel, are seen playing the game Sip or Spill with Lelo and Nicole.

For the game, they get questions from their fans on social media and they can either spill the beans by answering the question or avoid answering by taking a sip.

One of the questions asked was why Nicole broke up with Heavy K to which she answered they weren’t compatible.

“I will answer this one. Me and Heavy K separated because he wasn’t a good guy for me, maybe for someone else, yes. He is very controlling and I’m outgoing, so we didn’t clash,” she said.

But taking to Twitter, Heavy K said he minds his own business and doesn’t want to get involved.

“Yaz I’m one guy who minds his own business no matter what simply because I don’t wanna ‘clash’ with anyone but still catching stray bullets, ay kunzima,” he wrote.

Heavy K also tweeted that he will not say much, but Nicole is lying.

“I mean I got my own beliefs and I stick to my principles no matter what I wouldn’t discuss that about her with anyone unlike her stepping so low azothetha ubuxoki for clout, don’t care how hot you are mna if upstairs vele things are clushing, I move on very quickly,” he wrote.