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Here is how Grant increases will be payed in 2021 April, See them below how much you must expect

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) are ready for pay up grants after changing the system with the new cards , the new gold cards could be used at ATMs, post offices and merchant stores. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/ANA

Disability people are complaining about the their rights in this human rights they feel like the are not in equality with abled people.

Citizens living with disability are complaining in terms of their rights and the grant support that they receive is less for them. They want Disable Grant to be increased because it is less for them as they are also responsible to support their unemployed children with the money. Grant increases has been indeed considered to be increased but still recipient are complaining that grant increase it less, grant will be increased as follow:

R30 increase for Old Age, Disability and Care dependency Grant will now be R1890. R30 in War Veterans Grant with R30 to R1910, R10 increase in Child Support Grant to R460 and R10 in Foster Care Grant to R1050. These increases will begin to be payed in the next grant payments of April 2021. Minister of Sassa Lindiwe Zulu says that the might be new grant that will be announce in the financial year of 2021 that will support unemployed citizens adult aged 18 – 59.