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Here is how much president Ramaphosa earns per day

Being a president is a very difficult job. It requires making a lot of serious decisions that affect a whole nation. The decisions may be liked by some but some people may be in disagreement with them.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been a president for South Africa since 2019 and a lot of people were happy since they were fed up with Jacob Zuma. A lot of people however have no idea how much the president earns for all the n hard work he puts in for the betterment of the country. Surprisingly people assume that presidents earn billions a day but that is not the case. they earn a fair amount for a president and nothing exaggerated.

President Ramaphosa is not just a president but a business man as well. However because he works in serving the country he also gets a salary just like every other worker. The figures in this article are the amounts that he get for his presidency not his other businesses. according to the My Wage.co.za where celebrity salaries are broadcasted President Ramaphosa annual salary budget ranges from R2.9 to about R3.1 and that is a relatively fair amount. This means that every moth he earns around R258 333,33.

On a weekly basis the president of South Africa bags around R59 615,38 which means he earns R11 923.08 per day. That is a reasonable amount for a president because there are a lot of celebrities who actually earn much more than him in South Africa.

The money is worth it for all the trouble of making decisions and ruling the entire country full of people who have different opinions and needs