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Here is Lindiwe Mazibuko’s advice to AKA

WHEN rapper AKA Twitted that he didn’t know what to do to help those in need, because whether he does it in public or private, he is criticised and attacked for it, former DA MP Lindiwe Mazibuko doled out some words of advice for the super Mega.

He tweeted: “I want to help, but every time I help I am attacked for doing it in public. When I am quiet I am attacked for not being active. So … can someone please clarify what the protocol is now for celebrities donating to help people who need it the most.”

She advised him to be authentic and never to explain himself to anyone.

“Contribute to the work that speaks to your authentic sense of what is right – where you know you are most needed. Do it publicly or privately, it doesn’t matter. Lead authentically and you’ll never need to defend your choices to anyone,” she tweeted.

Source: Daily Sun