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Here Is The Real Reason Why The 2 Zimbabwean Men Were Killed And Their Heads Were Chopped Off

The two Zimbabwean men were sent by a rival of the deceased Indian drug kingpin, Teddy Mafia, to kill him. It was probably so that the rival could take over his territory and steal his business or they just might have had bad blood. There could be a lot of reasons why he ordered for the two men to kill Teddy.

We aren’t really aware of the identity of the rival. He is the mastermind of Teddy’s murder, so a lot of people believe that he should have suffered the same fate that the 2 foreign men did.

The community members killed the two men because they live by a motto, “Dalla one, dalla all.” Which means that if you mess with one of them, then you’re messing with all of them.

This whole situation has been trending on social media. A lot of people believe that the mastermind, the person that orchestrated the murder of Teddy should also be dealt with. Now people are making it seem like it is a xenophobic attack.