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Here’s The Video, The Man Was Coming From The Clinic And He Got Shot By The Police During A Protest

This is one story that is saddening, today has not been a good day at all for us as a country. We continue to witness police brutality and one might ask, how is it that there are still these acts after this issue has been put forward for some time now.

People have been fighting the same fight and still, the government has not really done much to meet the students half way.

There is some video that was released and one can see how the police conducted themselves during the protest, it was like their intention was to kill. As soon as the police got out of the RG-12 Nyala, they did not waste any time, they did not attempt to find out what was happening, they started shooting.

The act was inhumane, people started running in fear and some got to the ground besides the cars that were there, hoping that they will not be shot as they police officers passed by them.

There had been claims that the police do not even give warnings and that is exactly what was seen in the video. Maybe there has to be something that is done and changes have to be made from the top, how are these police instructed.

The way they were going on and on, it was like they knew that nothing would not happen because that is what they were instructed to do. This, as some have pointed out on numerous occasions, has to be addressed and soon as possible, Minister of the Police Bheki Cele has to intervene.

Or better yet, the presidency has to condemn what the police did earlier today, a life was lost and we do not just want to hear that something is going to be done, something has to be done.

There has been a lot of talking and now it is time for some action, people have to be convinced that this government really cares about the black people of this country.