Home Entertainment Here’s what happened on Khumbulekhaya last night that had people talking

Here’s what happened on Khumbulekhaya last night that had people talking

Last night on Khumbulekhaya there was a 21 year old boy who was looking for his father. His mother died when he was 3 months old and his father stopped visiting him when he was 3 months old. Kutama said that he dropped out at school because there was no one who was supporting, he also mentioned that if he can get someone who will support him he can go back to school. Kutama was accompanied by his maternal aunt to his father’s place. Their trip was from Burgersfort to Tzaneen which is estimated as a two hours drive.

When they arrived at their destination they found Kutama’s father. Kutama told his father about the hardships he faced while growing up alone, he also told him that he dropped out of school. Kutama then asked his father why he stopped coming to visit me. His father gave a answer which was not clear, he told him that he stopped coming to visit because when he bought food for Kutama his aunts and uncles would come and take the food to their homes.

He added that there was Kutama’s uncle who used beat himIt looked like Kutama was not happy with his father’s answers then he started talking to his father rudely and in a disrespectful manner. His father even offered to give him R2000 Kutama replied by saying “What’s the R2000 for? I can get it by myself” The father tried to pop Kutama’s pimple, Kutama told him to leave his pimples alone.

The last part was of a young girl who was looking for her mother. She needs because she can’t get an ID because she uses her mother’s surname. The young girl arrives at her destination she found an uncle and a sister who didn’t know that she existed. The sister told her that she wasn’t raised by her mother as well. And she didn’t bother looking for her mother because her mother didn’t bother looking for her as well. Unfortunately their mother has passed away. But the family agreed that they will help her with ID application.

After the show Khumbulekhaya viewers took it to Khumbulekhaya’s page on Facebook to express their views about last night’s show. Some said Kutama was disrespectful to his father he shouldn’t have disrespected him it looks like there is something wrong with the father. Others said the father was cold towards his son he didn’t look like he was happy to see his son after all those years.