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Here’s What People Noticed In Last Night’s #DateMyFamily, They Are Talking About It

Date My Family is a reality dating show for singletons that are looking for love, tonight’s bachelor is Nhlanhla. He also calls himself Gogo Nhlanhla, he is looking for a girlfriend, not a kid to raise. He wants a friend and a lover in a girlfriend, he is calm.

He also wants a girl that is well behaved because he respects women. When Nhlamhla was introducing himself, people felt like he might be gay because they are getting gay vibes from him. People also noticed that there was an error in “I’m 22 years of old”.

People even saw a person that had Khaphela’s resemblance, hence why they said there was a Khaphela.Nhlanhla is a traditional healer, someone tweeted “Umjolo wa nyesa, even traditional healers can’t find a partner “Today’s episode of Date My Family made a lot of people laughing, it looks like there was some wrong with a friend’s knee. People noticed that a potential date’s friends’ knee is darker than her complexion, people are now talking about it.

Most people were more focused on the girl’s knee, they are now laughing it out. She made some people’s night because they are even making jokes out of the situation. The camera man loves zooming in, especially to things that are or might be funny. He zoomed the knees, that made people who did not see the knees, notice them. The knees got people tweeting and keeping Date My Family trending on the number one spot. People were even asking how did the knee get darker than her complexion.Nhlanhla has made his choice, he chose well. People were happy to hear about his choice, they make a great couple. Tune in to Mzansi magic, channel 161 on Dstv, every Sunday.

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