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Here’s Why A Man Hanged Himself Under A Bridge On The Highway

2020 is been a tough year for everyone. The pandemic changed everyone’s plans around the world. Many people lost their jobs some are now working short hours and that lead to their salaries to be cut. Now is December kids want clothes for Christmas and most of men if they fails to provide for their families they feel embarrassed. Sometimes Financial problems can lead into depression and whenever you are depressed you can’t even think straight. Many people committed suicide because of depression.

Yesterday it was reported that Johannesburg – Motorists were stunned in the morning when they saw the body of a man hanging under a bridge on the N1 in Gauteng. The man committed suicide at about 8am in the morning . It was said the incident happened between Petroport Garage and Wallmansthal Bridge.

People were shocked and no one knows why he decided to commit suicide. They were too much speculations were some people were saying maybe the man was murdered and hanged under the bridge. But many were saying his death could be because of a woman.

Today a Twitter user by the name of Mr Handsome shared on Twitter that the man killed himself because he was allegedly removed by court from his house after divorced from 12 months marriage.

This is so sad . And people were asking what did he do that made his wife decide to divorce him.

Below are some of comments from Tweeps.

But to kill himself was sort of a weakness per se… No matter how life feels unfair, killing myself is just not an option.

The problem is people always pay attention to the result or response…What led to the divorce…Why was he moved from his house? No one is destroying anyone here I’m sure there is a deep story behind unfortunately other woman they reciprocate harder…

I don’t understand why it has to be the woman who took stuff after divorcing 🙄balance me here because my father will go thru the same situation soon .