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He’s 29 And Still Looks Fine, Happy birthday Moshe Ndiki.

Moshe Ndiki is a vlogger, content creator, actor, presenter, MC and influencer. Holding many titles to his name, Moshe started off by uploading videos on YouTube and little did he know that was his ticket to fame.

The media personality has been in the entertainment industry for a couple of years and he has managed to turn his popularity into a solid career. Today, he is one of SA’s top entertainers whose on-screen presence is what viewers keep begging for.

His road to fame has not been without controversy, drama and even happy moments. Today he celebrates his 29th birthday and many ask what has Moshe been up to all these years.

Moshe’s R30 opened some doors for him

Moshe opened up about how difficult it was for him to secure employment after graduating. The You Promised To Marry Me host is indebted to loose cigarettes and a cheap bottle of wine, which opened a golden opportunity for him.

A few years ago, the hilarious Moshe Ndiki’s videos circulated all over social media, and his rise to stardom was instant. But it was not all rosy as he had struggled financially before making it big.

“Life had other plans and the industry had other plans for me. So I was like ‘what can I do?’. So as a very broke and unemployed (graduate) I had the last R30 and I deposited my rent money into the wrong account so I was very stressed. Took my last R30 and I bought the cheapest wine I could find and two loose cigarettes,” said the actor.

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Moshe scammed out of R800K

It’s something you never see coming, but sadly it happens to some of our of our celebs sometimes. While flourishing in many things, the star took to social media to reveal how he was duped out of a whole R800 000.

The star was unfortunately mugged and defrauded out of 822 000.

“I got mugged two months ago in Mellville. The stole my phone. I don’t even know how they accessed my internet banking details. I never thought it would happen to me but it did. All l know if l woke up the one amount and ended the day with nothing. They left me R12 which l don’t know what they thought l would do with that but it is what it is.” he said.