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HHP’s son traumatised

The bitter feud between Iconic Motswako rapper HHP’s family and customary wife Lerato Sengadi seems to be taking a toll on the late rapper’s son Leano.

The bitter battle saw yet another twist on Monday when reports of HHP’s son being “kicked out” of his father’s house emerged.

Family spokesman Nkululelo Ncana tweeted pictures of Jabba’s son’s clothes, including his school uniform and clothes, which were thrown on the pavement outside the house where he lived with his father.

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Sengadi is also said to have changed the locks to the house.

Although he was not there when the incident took place, Leano is said to have been traumatised by it.

“I got a call from traumatised kids who told me that someone was breaking into the house. When they were chased out, the four were taken in by a caring neighbour. She kept them there until we picked them up,”Leano’s mother, Lerato Khanye told the Sowetan.

“Leano was not there because he had slept at my parents’ place. He was shattered and could not sleep, thinking about his friends,” she told the publication.

Khanye said the whole drama between HHP’s family and Sengadi was becoming too much for her son to handle.

“He did not go to school yesterday and we have arranged counselling for him. I think he is putting that brave face because he is a boy,” she added.

The bitter feud began playing out in the media when HHP’s family went on record to reject Sengadi as their makoti.

She then took the matter to court and was declared the customary wife to the late rapper – giving her access to many of his stuff.

Source: Daily Sun