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HHP’s wife Lerato Sengadi finally fights back

It seems former reality star, Lerato Sengadi still has a long way to go, to be fully and respectfully recognised as the late HHP’s wife.

As if it was not enough to have the Tsambos (HHP’s family), publicly dismissing Lerato, it has now emerged that one of HHP’s “squad members” has directed shots to Lerato, stating that she is not HHP’s wife and must stop using his name to gain relevance.

According to Sunday World, HHP’s former business partner, Seabelo Modibe at Lekoko Entertainment, revealed that Lerato Sengadi is not the suitable candidate to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s South African Music Awards (#SAMA25) after she volunteered to accept the prestigious award on his behalf.

The article also indicated that even HHP’s family was not too pleased with Lerato’s latest stint, speaking to the publication, Seabelo said the following:

“I received a call from Jabulani’s family wanting to know what is happening after they read in the papers that she would be receiving the award on his behalf.”

Seabelo is clearly looking out for his mate, as he is adamant that Lerato was not HHP’s wife, hence their union had not been officially classified as married in the court of law.

He continued to add:”

“She must stop using Jabulani’s name for publicity, she is not Jabulani’s wife as they were not married. She cannot use the previous court order which declared her the legal wife of Jabulani because the family was granted leave to appeal by the same court. The leave to appeal automatically rescinds the court’s previous decision which declared her Jabu’s legitimate wife.”

Proving just how much of a fighter she truly is, Lerato has hit back at the claims made by Seabelo, by simply stating that as HHP’s customary wife, she applied at the Samas and Recording Industry of SA (Risa).

According to a statement released by Lerato, she made mention that HHP’s mother and Leano’s (HHP’s son) maternal grandmother were informed via email about the latest celebration regarding HHP as part of his inedible contribution in the world of South African music.

Below is the statement issued by Lerato earlier.

Some of the extracts from the statement below reads as follows:

“This award is to further cement Jabba’s icon status within the music and entertainment industry, and it is unfortunate that Mr Modibe would use such a celebratory occasion to mare Jabba’s illustrious career as well as ‘villainise’ myself,”

With these latest developments regarding the HHP and Lerato Sengadi saga is far from over. One might have to wait and see who will actually be the best representative for HHP on that SAMA stage this weekend.

Source: ZAlebs