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HIV positive people must stop taking ARVs

Ever since HIV epidemic started and the first case of it recorded in South Africa in the early l1980s, people were afraid of the virus and were devastated by it, many were even afraid to can make love with their loved ones as this virus was a killer virus, and it was limited to the gay society. The HIV cases went higher at that time when it started and many deaths were also recorded as well as high numbers of infections daily until the early 1990s, but this article will be dealing with why HIV positive people must stop taking the ARVs because of what these pills do to their bodies and especially their health.
I know it is what is keeping them alive and kicking and what is stopping the virus from killing them, but I thought of sharing about HIV’s history first, to read more on it and how they managed to control this epidemic click the link bellow:
The reason I say that the HIV positive people must stop taking the ARVs which are used to treat this virus that has no cure at the moment is because of its effect in their bodies, what they do to their health, killing them bit by bit from the inside than keeping them away from the grave, and some of these effects can be life-threatening and can even be worse the longer the drug is taken.
So, as these effects are even life-threatening, I say that people must stop taking them because the more you take it, the more you stand a chance of going to the grave, below here are the side effects caused by the ARVs to those who take them, but some might be lucky not to develop them in time.
2.      Lipodystrophy (it is when people lose or gain more weight and feel them wit anxiety)
3.      Fatigue
4.      Diarrhoea
5.      Higher levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (higher than normal)
6.      Depression, anxiety, and mood changes.
7.      Vomiting and Nusea
8.      Rash (can be fatal, if you also experience trouble breathing or swallowing, fever, blisters around the eyes, nose, and mouth, a rash that starts and spread itself quickly) so the best thing to do is to run to a nearest clinic or hospital.
10.  Excessive bleeding, heart diseases, high blood sugar and diabetes and more that you will find in the link that i will provite below.
Click this link to know more on these side effects and how to care if you realize them in you. And click this link to learn more on how to cope with the effect of ARVs of the one that gives you pain in the hands and the damaged neurons, i write this piece of writing today showing you the care and love that i have for you so that you would know what this treatment that is meant to save you is actually doing you the greater harm than you can imagine.
Tell us as a reader, do you stand with me on this saying or not? Do you support my view that these ARVs must be taken no more?
If you might be worried about what might happen to you if you stop taking them then click this link to learn more on what might or might not happen if you stop taking them, you will then realize that you would still be safe even if you stop drinking this medication: https://www.avert.org/living-with-hiv/monitoring-switching-treatment#:~:text=ARV%20drugs%20keep%20HIV%20under,likely%20to%20pass%20HIV%20on.
What can you say about this saying of mine in this article?
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