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Hmmm: Makhadzi Appreciating Master KG’s Skills At 2 Am – ‘You’re Too Much’

Makhadzi and Master KG getting back together was one of the best surprises of 2021, and they have given Mzansi a lot to talk about. And now following Makhadzi’s Facebook post, fans believe that everything is great between them, especially in the bedroom, if you catch my drift.

The Zwivhuya hitmaker uses her Facebook more than any other social media platform, probably because she loves to engage with her fans in a space that’s not as toxic as Twitter. She always receives a lot of love, and we love to see this journey of mutual love and respect.

She recently went online to praise her boyfriend Master KG for the beats he had given her, and to berate him for not giving them to her earlier. At face value, the message seems innocent seeing as both of them are musicians. But her fans are a lot more naughty than that, and decided that she

They immediately jumped in her comments to ask what type of beats she was talking about. It was even more comical because she made the post dead in the night.

They also thought it was weird that she would come to say it on Facebook when she was probably lying beside him, and could have rolled over and told him directly.

But it was all in good fun. She probably just meant actual musical beats, since the two of them are constantly in the studio working. In fact it was their live studio session that first put fans onto the fact that they were getting back together. After all they’re both geniuses and make great music together.

The couple was recently rumoured to have taken the relationship to the next level. Master KG shared a picture of himself with Makhadzi and his mother, leading many to conclude that he had taken his “wife” home to meet his family.

Fans thought it was a huge move for the couple, especially since they just got back together. In fact, Khadzinators are still not convinced that the Jerusalema hitmaker has pure intentions for the African Queen. She still receives warnings about him, as fans believe that he only came back to take advantage of her now that she is rich.

Master KG has addressed these concerns, by giving a heated clap back to the trolls. In a now-deleted tweet, he said he has a lot of money and his career is not a flop as people keep insinuating.

“You don’t know sh** my guy only if you knew how much money I get/got you wouldn’t be talking this sh**..and that song that you say flopped there’s no song in SA in 2021 that can match its streaming numbers…y’all should stop this sh** now.”

Talk about catching feelings! But I guess we would too if we were constantly accused of being opportunists. The couple seems to be happy together and frankly, that is all that matters. Makhadzi is old enough to make her own decisions and as long as she’s happy, we are happy too. – ZAlebs