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Papa Penny’s Daughter Labelled The “Bougie” After Refusing To Take Part In Ancestral Rituals – #PapaPennyAhee




Papa Penny’s daughter earned herself the “bougie” label from viewers of the show on social media after she refused to partake in the African spirituality ceremony her father was hosting.

One of the things fans of the Papa Penny Ahee! reality show love is the fact that the Tsonga disco legend is super proud of his culture and heritage. That is why they were split when his daughter, Naomi, stood her ground about choosing not to participate in the ancestral introduction and thanksgiving rituals.

Naomi explained that, because she was Christian, it was against her religion and beliefs to participate in the cultural ceremony of thanking the ancestors. She remained in the bedroom as all the other kids participated.

Kokwane (Papa Penny’s mother) was especially disappointed in her.

This saw Naomi get praise from viewers, some of whom supported her decision not to compromise on her personal beliefs.

However, it also earned her tons of backlash for being “embarrassed” of her cultural traditions and, essentially, who she is.



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