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How Bad Is Zahara’s Drinking Problem?

Zahara is the stage name of Bulelwa Mkutukana, a South African singer and songwriter. She is said to have had a strong affinity for music since she was a child, beginning her career as a street performer. Her fourth studio album was a commercial triumph.

Her debut album “Loliwe,” released in 2011, became platinum in 13 days and double platinum in 17 days in South Africa, selling over 100,000 copies. It earned her eight awards at the South African Music Awards in April 2012, including “Album of the Year” and “Best Female Artist.”

Its her birthday today and we travel with you down memory lane to take a look at some of her highlights from the past year.

Video Of “Drunk” Zahara Worries Fans

Social media users have reacted negatively to a weird video of Zahara singing. This is because the Nyamezela singer appeared to be inebriated and tripping over her words.

Zahara had struggled with alcoholism in the past and had made it a point to quit. The singer is received fire after a viral video showing her performing with a group of men, with her appearing to be the only one who was intoxicated.

Zahara was subjected to cruel and derogatory remarks, with some implying that she has an alcohol problem and required assistance. Maphorisa also tweeted that Zahara urgently needed help, but he did it out of worry, saying that people should not judge her because she is going through a lot.

He, like many others, believed the person who shared the video was evil and was attempting to undermine Zahara’s album release.

“Please don’t mess with Zahara; the individual who released the video is a jerk. She is going through a lot and requires assistance. South Africa might be ineffective at times ” he said.

Zahara denies having an alcohol problem

On Mac G’s podcast and Chill series, Zahara finally addressed her claimed “alcoholism.” The singer, was hesitant to discuss the issue because she had been portrayed as an alcoholic for so long.

Mac G teased his on the show, which now airs every Wednesday on Channel O, and stated they have a lot in common, including a fondness for drinking. She admitted to Mac G that she just drank one bottle of wine and that it had knocked her out. She then realized she needed to quit drinking that night because she was extremely inebriated.

The talented vocalist admitted that she began consuming alcohol as a stress reliever, but she has no regrets about anything that has transpired in her life. “I don’t regret the kind of young woman I am now, regardless of who robbed me or how many mistakes I made. It has grown on me, and I now know which steps to take or not. It doesn’t mean I won’t have difficulties; I’m still going to have issues” she went on to say.